Salesforce Acquires Tableau

Here at Cloud Notions we are huge fans of both Salesforce and Tableau.  So this week’s announcement that Salesforce had agreed to acquire Tableau was met with great fanfare and celebration.  But what does this all mean for existing Salesforce and Tableau customers?

Salesforce Admin Role & Staffing Recommendations

Because the Salesforce software takes care of many traditional admin tasks, system administration is easier than ever before. Customizing the application, training users, and “turning on” new features—all are just a few clicks away. The person responsible for these tasks is your Salesforce CRM administrator. Because this person is one of the most important resources in making your CRM a success, it’s important to carefully choose your administrator and to ensure they are keeping their skills up to date.

Maximize Your ROI is the market leader among growing businesses.  Organizations adopt Salesforce to increase their leads, minimize lost opportunities, and automate business processes.  And Salesforce is the perfect tool for the job; it’s fast, flexible, and robust.  However, we are often contacted by customers who feel they haven’t yet maximized their ROI.

Successful Small Businesses – Time to Graduate to CRM

Successful small businesses are one of our favorite types of clients.   Technology can often make a major difference when a business has survived the initial startup mode and is now gaining traction in their industry.  When a small business is initially starting out, they can usually get by with emailing spreadsheets, leaving sticky notes on desks, and meeting frequently.  But in a growing business, these types of systems will break down.  The end result is lost opportunity, and a risk of stalling the business. Developer Tools Review

We’ve recently spent quite a bit of consulting time developing Visualforce and Apex code.  Each client seems to prefer their own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and so we’ve had an opportunity to try out nearly all of the leading developer tools in the last year.  In this article, we’ll list the major tools and their pros and cons.

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