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This page showcases some of the work done by Cloud Notions.  Where appropriate, non-branded prototypes are used to protect client privacy.

Of course, we're only as good as our next project.  If you'd like to make arrangements for a project, prototype, or proof of concept, contact us today.


Recent Salesforce Implementations

We have implemented Salesforce for clients in many industries recently.  The details have varied by client, but they include:

  • A medical analytics company (Sales & Service Cloud)
  • Two pharma licensing companies (Lightning Experience Sales Cloud)
  • A security consulting company (Migrating from SalesforceIQ)
  • A beverage manufacturer (Professional edition with Salesforce1 Mobile and Geopointe location app)
  • A health supplements manufacturer (Sales Cloud with Quickbooks integration)
  • A commercial property investment company (Lightning Experience)
  • A franchise investments company (Sales Cloud with web-to-lead features)
  • A compliance audit firm (Sales Cloud with Milestones PM)
  • A subscription travel startup (Lightning Sales and Service Cloud)
  • Two Staffing companies (Sales Cloud with Custom Quotes)
  • A big data analytics product company (Sales Cloud with Marketo integration)

As these clients mature, we may create individual case studies for each.  Check back for details!

Partner Communities Implementation

We recently implemented Partner Communities for a client.  Their business model included many distributors and reseller partners.  These partners needed access to upload spreadsheets of sales reports, inventory, deal registration, credit approvals, and other complex business processes.

Text Message Appointment Reminders

We recently worked with two different clients on Text Messaging (SMS) reminders for upcoming appointments.  One client was in Real Estate, and scheduled home showings with prospective buyers.  The other client was in the health and beauty industry, and sent appointment reminders for spa treatments.

In the real estate example, the text messages needed complex data and rules that exceeded some off-the-shelf products.  We elected to use Twilio, an SMS provider with excellent Salesforce support.  Using their API, we were able to implement this feature in a very short period of time.

In the health and beauty project, the text messages were less complex.  We elected to use SMS Magic.  This app provides Salesforce support right out of the box.  A large percentage of clients prefer these types of text messages, so this was an excellent fir for their business.

Real Estate Project (DocuSign / Propertybase)

We have implemented Propertybase, a world-class real-estate CRM, at two different clients.  One client was a large condo development in Hawaii.  The client needed custom pricing formulas and full DocuSign integration.  We integrated their buyer’s contract into a custom Salesforce button, allowing the agents to seamlessly move from gathering information to signed contracts, in just a few minutes.  In the end, the client sold $250M+ in two weeks!

Custom Appointment Management Screen

One client wanted to see Contacts, Opportunities, and upcoming Appointments, all on the same screen. They also wanted to be able to edit the records within the data grid, without changing screens.  To meet their needs, we used the Lightning Design System to create a custom Visualforce page with one-click action buttons.

Custom Order Placement Screen


A recent client had partner community contractors who might not be able to learn the standard Salesforce Create Order > Add Products flow. They needed a screen that presented all the authorized products for a particular customer, as well as default order info.  We created a custom screen that showed order and product details on one page. The page enforced special rules, such as minimum order quantities, accepting terms of service, etc.

Quick Response Lead Assignment

Our client was operating a large-scale residential real estate service along the East Coast.  They made referrals of hot leads to independent real estate agents.  Their performance data showed that if a real estate agent didn’t respond within 30 minutes, they would often lose the sale.  The client needed a very rapid lead assignment and followup process.

Thus, we worked with the client to architect a quick response lead assignment process.  If agents did not respond within 10 minutes to a newly assigned lead, the lead would be transferred to a different agent.  The business process was as follows:

  1. A new lead was created by the Inside Sales team.
  2. Custom Apex code was constantly re-calculating agent scores based on Lead performance.
  3. A custom Visualforce screen queried for the highest-performing agents in that area.
  4. A mobile-compatible email alert was sent to the first agent.
  5. If they didn’t click the “Accept” link in the email within 10 minutes, their overall score decreased.
  6. The next highest scoring agent then received an email.
  7. The process would repeat for 3 agents, then notify management.

The process was one of the most aggressive lead assignment processes we have built.  But the leads were high-stakes, and the client benefited greatly from this process.  Shortly after implementation, the client expanded into a new state.

Biotech / Pharma Clients


Cloud Notions has recently completed two Biotech / Pharma implementations.   These two clients were potential competitors and the industry is high confidential, so we kept all team members and data strictly separated.

These companies were focused on obtaining leads, contacts, and opportunities to license pharmaceutical products.  To accomplish this, we implemented Sales Cloud, the Lightning Experience, and  custom objects for drug compounds, as well as extensive use of Events (meetings) and Notes.


FlightPlan PPM Software

Cloud Notions is currently building a Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) tool for listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.  This exciting project utilizes Visualforce, Apex, and HTML5 technologies.  For more info, visit our Software Products page.

Non-Profit Support

We are currently engaged with a major non-profit client to provide Admin and Developer support.  We’ve learned the client’s business processes and helped them define a roadmap of actionable enhancements.  Now we are incrementally delivering these valuable changes.  This project uses Sales Cloud, Form Assembly, the Non-Profit Starter Pack, eCommerce donations, and other technologies.  Cloud Notions supports both for-profit and non-profit enterprises.  Please contact us for more information.

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