Instant Project Estimate

Project Estimate Form

This form provides an approximate estimate of the scale of your project.  The specifics of each project vary greatly, but we hope to give you an idea of your project size.

Some caveats:
  • We are assuming an average task with minimal obstacles.
  • All projects include a requirements discovery phase to help solidify the scope of work.
  • Our hourly rate is $150.  Special rates may apply to large projects, bundled services, or to approved non-profit organizations.
  • Estimated hours often vary from actual depending on the project specifics.
  • This is a basic estimate form.  Contact us today for a free, no-pressure consultation.  We’ll provide a customized project proposal to firm things up.
Tell us about your project goals by selecting project details below.  Check any box that may apply to your project, and an estimate will be calculated at the bottom of the page.

Ready to add details to this estimate?
Please provide your email address and submit the form.  One of our senior partners will schedule a discussion about your needs and provide a written proposal.  There is no commitment, and we’ll definitely propose alternatives if there are simpler ways to meet your goals.  In any case, good luck with your project!

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