Hiring a Virtual CIO / Digital Adviser

For decades, organizations have invested in technology to incrementally innovate and become more profitable. In the Digital Era, organizations use technology to transform how they interact with customers, what they sell, how their employees work and make decisions, and how they optimize their businesses.  

The Value of a Virtual CIO / Digital Adviser

Digital transformation requires a cultural shift, and our advisers get organizations started on their digital journey.

They help organizations as they re-imagine and transform customer engagements, employee experiences, business models and operations. We bring their expertise, as well as Salesforce resources, experience and innovation, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations. Partnering with organizations, we drive a program of change to build the digital business.

Our advisers will guide organizations to create an aspirational plan that formalizes their digital vision. We develop trusted relationships with business leaders, to help them think about their business and customers in the context of digital possibilities, and collaborate on a vision to achieve more.

What does a Digital Adviser do?

  • Create the customer’s Book of Dreams – Also known as a road-map, this helps guide customers as they re-imagine and document their end-to-end digital transformation journey.
  • Lead the Dream Team – We lead the creation of a digital transformation team that includes the Salesforce resources, other application vendors, and the customer team that will make it happen.
  • Enable the Digital Dream Factory – We help the organization create an ongoing lab – an organization that continues the digital transformation process throughout your company.

Characteristics for our Virtual CIO / Digital Adviser Role

Our Digital Advisers know their customer’s business, the industry in which they operate, and how the cloud can help them drive their Digital transformation. The broad scope of responsibility requires a solid understanding of both business and technology strategy, a principled approach to broad digital transformational challenges, and strong leadership and people skills. They also bring the experience that will drive innovation and customer value.

Next Steps in your Digital Transformation

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