Smarter Pipeline Management with AI

We’ve worked with many sales managers. An accurate sales forecast is typically the “holy grail”.  All sales leaders are looking to view the pipeline, coach the reps, and manage by exception.  But how can this be done without extensive data entry by the reps? is a new product that addresses all of these needs.

The Problem with Forecasting

Sales management needs visibility into the pipeline. But often the data entered in Salesforce is incomplete or inaccurate. And reps spend valuable time updating the activity records and adjusting their forecast manually.

Furthermore, the sales manager often gives up on reports and dashboards, turning to excel spreadsheets as their forecasting tool. Spreadsheets are manually exported and adjusted each week, and passed around via email.

Sales leaders want to reduce the data entry and allow the CRM to produce the forecast for the reps, not the other way around. Previously this was a lofty goal…until we were introduced to

About is a sales forecasting and coaching tool. It syncs with your email system and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track and score each activity by intent, sentiment, and other AI benchmarks.

The end result is that each Opportunity has automatically generated, industry standard metrics that are available without additional data entry. calls this their “Smart Selling” meter and it includes two indexes:

  • Activity Index: Has the rep completed the typically required activities for the sales stage?
  • Relationship Index: Did the rep communicate with the correct relationships for the current sales stage?

Managing by Exception

In the tool, each Opportunity is auto-scored using AI. We can easily identify deals that don’t match their expected stage progress or relationship levels.


Sales Rep Coaching

The system also uses AI to provide key insights. It might list things such as:

  • Your Economic Buyer has a negative sentiment
  • Based on the activity, this deal should be in the previous stage

So in addition to accurate forecasting, provides “guard rails” for the reps. The system coaches them along between your one-on-one sales meetings.

Powerful Reporting

Salesforce Reporting is very useful, but includes best-practice sales reporting right out of the box. Charts and graphs quickly provide answers to questions like:

  • How much of the day are my sellers spending with customers?
  • Which of my reps is an ideal model for training new reps?
  • Is recent activity being prioritized toward the committed deals for the quarter?
  • Which reps are following best practices?
  • Are my reps expanding their relationship footprint with existing accounts?
  • What deals are taking us too long to close, and why?
  • What is the conversion rate between sales stages? (We’ve heard this question from every sales manager we’ve ever spoken with.)

Conclusion is an amazing use of AI technology.  This game-changer will help sales managers forecast and coach their teams better. It is one of the most impressive sales tools we’ve seen in a while.

The AI engine will allow you to:

  • Find risk in the sales cycle, and shorten pipeline time
  • Help reps follow your best practices without feeling like they are following a process
  • Get you a more predictable forecast

If your team is using Salesforce, there are many options to manage these processes. Contact us for a free consultation about your current tools and your vision for the future of sales management at your company.

To learn more about, visit their website.