Magentrix Customer Portal for Pet Resorts

Our client operates a chain of pet resorts in multiple states.  They use Salesforce as their system of record, but needed a customer portal for pet owners to make reservations and update personal information.  We created a customized portal experience using Magentrix.  Read below for details.

Business Problem

A retail client approached us to replace their customer portal.  In the previous portal, customers would only partially sign up.  They needed an updated design that included a “signup wizard”  type of experience.

Solutions Used

  • Magentrix Customer Portal
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Custom Lightning Web Components

Project Details

We helped implement Magentrix Customer Portal, which is a world-class and cost effective way to share Salesforce data securely to end-customers. 

Since this was a B2C portal, a custom design was used via custom templates and CSS.  We also developed custom integrations to avoid duplicates and allow Salesforce users to re-activate old portal accounts in real-time.

We also developed custom deployment code to ensure that the test site (sandbox) and the live site (production) were on the proper versions and deployed accurately.

Please see below for highlighted features of the portal.

Returning visitors are prompted to log on.
If the visitor is new, they can sign up quickly and easily. There is a guided setup wizard that gathers info about the member (customer), the pet, credit card payment info, and other details. If the signup process is abandoned, the system will return them to the last completed step when they return.
The dashboard screen allows members to view cards with their member info, pet details, reservations, and system messages. Users can click to visit detailed screens, make reservations, update pet vaccinations, and perform other tasks.
The portal has many features, but one of our favorite is the PUP CAMS page. This page integrates with the onsite camera systems, allowing pet owners to check on their loved ones from anywhere in the world.


Time Saved: customers can sign up via “self service”, rather than being entered manually at stores.

Instant Peace of Mind: customers can view pets on camera throughout the day.

Rapid Development: using Magentrix and Salesforce technology, the overall solution was delivered faster than standard app development.

Want to Learn More?

We'd be happy to provide a demo of the finalized application, or answer technical questions.  Feel free to contact us today!