Pardot Quick Start Project in the Legal Industry

Recently, the team at Cloud Notions had the opportunity to work on a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka MCAE or “Pardot“) quick start project for one of our clients. The goal of the project was to help the client set up Pardot and launch a successful pilot campaign, so the new director of marketing could hit the ground running.

The client offers software and services that are very popular in the legal space, and recently hired a new Director of Marketing to grow their business.  She wanted to get started as quickly and effectively as possible.  That’s where Pardot comes in – a powerful marketing automation tool that helps businesses streamline their lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Example Pardot Engagement Studio Automated Campaign

Project Scope

The first step in the project was to clean up the existing Salesforce lead records. This was a crucial step, as it ensured that the client had accurate and up-to-date data to work with. We spent time reviewing and cleaning up the existing data, removing any duplicates or irrelevant records, and standardizing fields where necessary.

On another note, most marketing tech tools (Pardot, Hubspot, etc) do their billing based on the number of prospect records.  So a pre-cleaning is an excellent way to start the project off on the right foot.

Once the data cleanup was complete, we connected Pardot to Salesforce. This integration was seamless and allowed the client to easily sync their lead data between the two platforms. With Pardot connected to Salesforce, the client could now start building email templates and forms.

Our team worked closely with the client to create email templates and forms that would resonate with their target audience. We ensured that the design and messaging of each template aligned with the client’s brand and marketing goals.

With the email templates and forms in place, we then created an automated follow-up campaign. This campaign was designed to nurture leads and move them further down the sales funnel. We set up a series of emails that would be sent out at specific intervals, with each email containing valuable content that would help educate and engage the leads.

Example of a Pardot Landing Page with Form

Business Impact

The final step was to launch the pilot campaign. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the campaign was set up correctly and that all tracking and reporting was in place. We monitored the campaign closely, making adjustments where necessary to ensure optimal performance. 

The results are still compiling, but we’ve initially seen a 30% open rate on their first email. The client was able to launch a successful pilot campaign. The automation of the campaign allowed the client to save time and resources, while still delivering valuable content to their prospects.


A Pardot quick start project is a great example of how businesses can leverage marketing automation tools to streamline their lead generation and nurturing efforts. With the right strategy and support, businesses can achieve great results and drive growth. If you’re looking to get started with Pardot or any other marketing automation tool, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Cloud Notions. We’re here to help you succeed.

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