Salesforce Health Cloud FTP Integration

This customer success story outlines how we helped implement Salesforce Health Cloud, and use AWS to integrate with FTP servers for dozens of hospitals across the country.  The client grew revenue by 5X and was successfully acquired by investors.


Business Problem

Our client has a division that processes new Medicaid and Disability applications where patient records from client hospitals are received throughout the day.  As the client grew via acquisition, the legacy system they inherited was difficult to maintain and enhance.  We recommended that the client implement Salesforce Health Cloud, which has built-in features for patient referral management and health questionnaires. 

Our client also needed to retrieve patient referrals from existing FTP servers.  Since each referral file was produced by a separate hospital in a separate format, they needed a solution that was flexible enough to ingest any inbound data.  And their caseworkers needed world-class service tools, in order to quickly service two million referrals a year. 

Solutions Used

  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Custom Apex integration code
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda (serverless)
  • Python Development
  • Detailed data mapping
  • User Training & Documentation
  • Cloud Managed Services

Project Details

We helped implement a standalone instance of Salesforce Health Cloud, along with Amazon Web Services for serverless processing of legacy FTP files.  This solution processes two million records a year, and easily collects all data into “Scorecard” dashboards that can be provided to the client health systems for end-to-end visibility.  They also configured custom workflow automation that reduced many of the steps that previously required human caseworkers.

High level architecture to allow mass processing and communication via Secure FTP
Executives could monitor patient touchpoints, Medicaid applications, hospital invoices, and other data.

Want to Learn More?

We'd be happy to provide a demo of the finalized application, or answer technical questions.  Feel free to contact us today!