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Embrace Digital to Accelerate Your Business!

In today’s business environments, customer expectations are changing the way we do business. Customers expect engagement to be easy, content to be rich, and access immediate and reliable. This is the force powering the movement to become a digital business.


What is a digital business? One with a new strategy, and new approach to the market.  Most importantly, a digital business uses technology to become more agile, competitive and connected to customers than its traditional counterparts.


An All-Too-Familiar Example

Consider this scenario. You check in with a long-standing customer and find out they have started procuring a few components from a competitor, instead of your organization. You wonder:

Why would they dabble with my competitor?

You have extended them “preferred” pricing, you make delivery deadlines, and you call on them often. Yet, they are investigating other options?!?

After you regain your focus, you begin to explore why. You hear them talk about digital capabilities that they like, but you don’t have:

  • How easy it is to configure and order, right from the website
  • The ability to order even the most complex products, without spending endless time on the phone discussing features and options
  • They like configuring their own assemblies, and seeing the price immediately, with the option to make changes to meet their needs and budget.
  • They like the ability to print the quote for their selected configuration, or have it emailed to them, on the spot
  • And of course, they like to ability to call for help when needed, and reaching a knowledgeable person fast.

You find yourself at a loss on how to respond…


Digital Disruption

What you have just encountered is “digital disruption.” Unfortunately, you’ll probably lose this customer as they experience the benefits of fast, reliable engagement, rich content, and speed of execution. And this is just the beginning: your fulfillment, payment and service functions will be viewed as archaic once they see a modern, digital competitor in action.

Every business can benefit from higher customer engagement and a better customer experience.

This is no longer a “big company” strategy where only large enterprises can benefit. From software start-ups to real estate offices to licensing firms, digital businesses of all sizes are on the rise and making good progress retaining and acquiring new customers. It takes a strategy, roadmap and digital product management to deliver these results.


We Can Help

How do you become a digital business? What does it cost in time and money? Where do you start? Start by talking to Cloud Notions about the possibilities.  There are a plethora of options, from basic to advanced.  For example:

  • Going paperless via DocuSign
  • Using CRM to go from Lead to Deal to Invoice to Payment
  • Automated marketing that engages the customer with compelling content
  • eCommerce assessments and enhancements
  • Architectural assessments to prevent “system sprawl” and control costs

We have seasoned IT executives on hand to assess your business, products and markets and advise on strategies to manage digital disruption. We can assess the competitive landscape to quantify the threat of being disrupted. We can lay out a strategy to move to a digital business structure.

Please contact us today for a free consultation on how to proceed.