Salesforce Development

Take your customization to the next level.

Elevate your Salesforce instance with Visualforce, Apex, HTML5, and other technologies.

Salesforce isn’t limited to the Sales Cloud CRM.  The platform provides a reliable, mature cloud-based platform for development of custom features and apps.

Recent Projects

We’ve helped clients customize the Salesforce platform with excellent results

Partner Community Uploads with Triggers

We enabled a “Partner Sales Report Upload” feature for a client.  This allowed partners to upload a spreadsheet into their Partner Community, and Apex Triggers processed the records as needed.  For example, some sales records were eligible for rebate credits.

Previously the client was manually handling nearly 100 spreadsheets each month.  The newly-developed process is a big efficiency gain.

Custom Inside Sales Appointment Screen

One client wanted to see Contacts, Opportunities, and upcoming Appointments, all on the same screen.  They also wanted to be able to edit the records within the data grid, without changing screens.

To meet their needs, we used the Lightning Design System to create a custom Visualforce page with one-click action buttons.

Custom “Place Order” Screen

A recent client had contractors who might not be able to learn the standard Salesforce Create Order > Add Products flow.  They needed a screen that presented all the authorized products for a particular customer, as well as default order info.

We created a custom screen that showed order and product details on one page.  The page enforced special rules, such as minimum order quantities, accepting terms of service, etc.

... And More than 100 Others

We’ve worked with over 100 clients, so the above list is only a sample of the recent customer requests we have performed. For more project details see our Recent Projects page. Or contact us today.