Quick Response Lead Assignment

Our client was operating a large-scale residential real estate service along the East Coast.  They made referrals of hot leads to independent real estate agents.  Their performance data showed that if a real estate agent didn’t respond within 30 minutes, they would often lose the sale.

The client needed a very rapid lead assignment and followup process.

Thus, we worked with the client to architect a quick response lead assignment process.  If agents did not respond within 10 minutes to a newly assigned lead, the lead would be transferred to a different agent.  The business process was as follows:

  1. A new lead was created by the Inside Sales team.
  2. Custom Apex code was constantly re-calculating agent scores based on Lead performance.
  3. A custom Visualforce screen queried for the highest-performing agents in that area.
  4. A mobile-compatible email alert was sent to the first agent.
  5. If they didn’t click the “Accept” link in the email within 10 minutes, their overall score decreased.
  6. The next highest scoring agent then received an email.
  7. The process would repeat for 3 agents, then notify management.

The process was one of the most aggressive lead assignment processes we have built.  But the leads were high-stakes, and the client benefited greatly from this process.  Shortly after implementation, the client expanded into a new state.