Retail Point-of-Sale for Salesforce

Our retail client operates brick-and-mortar pet stores in multiple states.  They use Salesforce as the CRM system of record, capturing everything from past orders to pet birthdays.  They needed a Salesforce-native point-of-sale system, with customized “bill to my account” functionality.

Business Problem

A retail client approached us to replace their old point-of-sale system with something native to Salesforce.  But they needed custom business logic.  For example, when an order contained a certain product, loyalty credits should be awarded to the account.  Additionally, they needed to securely tokenize and store credit cards within Salesforce, so customers could perform a touchless check out at the cash register.

Solutions Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Eposly Point-of-Sale
  • Kulturra Payment Center
  • Custom Apex Triggers and Platform Events
  • Custom Lightning Web Components
  • Apex Data Loader (Migrate existing gift cards)

Project Details

We helped implement AppExchange apps such as Eposly POS and Kulturra Payment Center.  Then we developed customized logic and screens to support industry-specific requirements from the client.  These included Apex triggers that grant loyalty points, custom tax logic by state, custom price book auto-selection, and a Lightning Web Component to charge the card on file.


Cashiers use a custom screen to quickly check out customers.

Want to Learn More?

We'd be happy to provide a demo of the finalized application, or answer technical questions.  Feel free to contact us today!