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Delete Helper App Launched

Salesforce Admins: Ever have a rep accidentally import their Mom as a contact in Salesforce, and then ask you to delete the record?  Ever wish you could grant access allow the users to delete some records, but not others?  Now there’s an app for that!

About Delete Helper

The Cloud Notions team has released a free mini-app on the Salesforce AppExchange. The Delete Helper app allows system administrators to define specific rules about when a record can or cannot be deleted. The feature is similar to standard Validation Rules, but it expands the functionality to cover deletion.

The app is even capable of stopping deletion by System Admins. This may be helpful in orgs that have numerous admins of various skill levels.

Specify fomula logic based on record fields.

The admin creates specific background formula fields, and if the formula evaluates to “True”, the record deletion is stopped.

Easily allow or prevent record deletion.

Video Demo

More Resources

For more info, check out the Delete Helper listing on the Appexchange.  There’s also a link to the Admin Setup Guide.

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