Pardot Connector Tip: Sending Lead Assignment Emails

Pardot (aka “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement”) is a powerful marketing automation tool. When Pardot is integrated with Salesforce, it becomes even more powerful, allowing for seamless communication between sales and marketing teams. However, there is a little-known issue with the standard Pardot-to-Salesforce connector user that can cause problems with email notifications for Salesforce Lead Assignment rules.

Pardot Connector Issue

The standard Pardot-to-Salesforce connector user, known as the B2BMA Integration User, does not trigger email notifications for Salesforce Lead Assignment rules. This is particularly problematic if the user is a queue, as the newly assigned leads may not be properly notified. While some administrators may have Pardot send email notifications to the newly-assigned users, these emails cannot be customized. This can be frustrating for companies that want to ensure that their notifications are tailored to their specific needs.

The Fix

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. The Salesforce Tier 2 Support team has confirmed that the issue can be resolved by switching the Pardot Connector user away from the B2BMA Integration User. This will allow the email notifications for Salesforce Lead Assignment rules to be triggered properly, ensuring that the newly-assigned leads are properly notified.

To change the Pardot Connector user, follow the instructions outlined in the Salesforce documentation here:

Once the new user is set up, email notifications for Salesforce Lead Assignment rules should be triggered properly.

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