Successful Small Businesses – Time to Graduate to CRM

Successful small businesses are one of our favorite types of clients.   Technology can often make a major difference when a business has survived the initial startup mode and is now gaining traction in their industry.


When a small business is initially starting out, they can usually get by with emailing spreadsheets, leaving sticky notes on desks, and meeting frequently.  But in a growing business, these types of systems will break down.  The end result is lost opportunity, and a risk of stalling the business.


The Solution

Fortunately, “too much growth” is a good problem to have.  And other organizations have already invested in solving this problem.  Why not utilize their best practices to continue your growth?

Welcome to, an off-the-shelf solution for running Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management, and other functions within your business.  This customer relationship management (CRM) solution puts the customer first, and centers your business around customer needs and interactions.

Salesforce has proven business results, including the below averages taken from real customers:

  • +44% More Leads
  • +37% More Deals Closed
  • +45% Increase in Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • +52% increase in Connected Apps (pulling your office tools together into a “one stop shop”) is used by 130,000 companies, including some of the most well-known companies in the Fortune 500.  Over half of all CRM usage is via  And Cloud Notions has helped over 100 businesses customize Salesforce to grow like never before.  Capabilities we have provided for our clients include:

  • Auto-assign new leads to the correct rep/agent
  • Automatically email customers with white papers, discounts, or appointment reminders
  • Going paperless with DocuSign
  • Send text messages to customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Update records via ipad, phone, and other devices
  • Reports and dashboards to show where the business is heading, and “manage by exception”

If your business has outgrown spreadsheets, please contact us today.  We can provide an no-cost review of how Salesforce can help grow your business.