Consolidate Form Checkboxes to 1 SF Field

Clients often have website forms with a large number of fields, especially checkboxes.  Unfortunately, it’s often Salesforce that bears the brunt of this by simply adding all the fields to the Leads object.  In this post, I’ll explain how you can avoid having 60+ checkboxes on the Lead record page, but still show checkboxes on the web-to-lead forms.

The Issue

It’s fairly common for web-to-lead forms to ask for additional information.  For example, some clients request the best time to reach you.  Other clients have checkboxes for the specific interested products or courses.  The end result is a Lead record page with tons and tons of checkboxes.

Since many clients are using the standard Salesforce web-to-lead submission method, this results in many fields added to the Salesforce lead.  Wouldn’t it be great if these could be consolidated in the backend CRM screen, so we don’t have to scroll past rows and rows of checkboxes?


The Solution

Thanks to the power of Salesforce, we have tools that can easily clean this up.  Multi-select picklists are usually frowned upon due to reporting limitations, but they fit well for this specific use-case.  First, create a multi-select picklist field that holds values that match each of the checkbox fields.

Next, use process builder to set the multi-select value based on which checkboxes were checked.  (See above image for an example.)

Essentially, the process builder’s formula has an “IF” line for each possible checkbox.  If the box is checked, the text is added to the selected values of the multi-select picklist.  Here’s the formula

IF([Lead].SomeField__c = true,”Some Field Label; “,null) &

Just add as many as needed.  Make sure to include the semi-colon as a separator and leave the “&” off the end of the last row.  Now you have a field that automatically concatenates your web-form checkboxes.  Hide the checkboxes, activate the process, and you’ll be all set!


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