SQL Server Health Checking

Do you love SQL Server? We do too!

SQL Server is robust and versatile, with several great products and features. The SQL server job agent, replication services, query store, linked servers, database triggers, system health checks, backups and managing indexing all come to mind as important tasks for a modern SQL Server deployments.

Is your team prepared or fully utilizing all of these great SQL server features?

SQL Server Considerations

Whether your instances are on-premise or Azure-native, there are several things to consider:

  • Do you have an established backup strategy?
  • Are you running nightly backups, are they full or differential?
  • Are those backups tested?
  • Do you have an ETA on what a full recovery would look like?
  • How is database behavior trending?  Are you seeing more read/write operations to your mission-critical databases?
  • Are your custom indexes even being used?

Keep Up! Databases Are Ever-Evolving

If you’re a small to mid sized software shop, it is unrealistic to expect one or two database admins or your developers to maintain domain knowledge across all of these areas.

Here at Cloud Notions we can help bridge the gap on any of the issues above.  Our experts are certified in MS SQL Server, Snowflake, AWS RDS, and other database technologies.

We can provide assessments based on your specific instance diagnostic data and help your SQL server get healthy again!  Contact us for a free consultation.

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