User Experience: 5 Avoidable Mistakes

With the advent of easier web development methods, it’s become easier than ever to saddle your users with an awful user experience (UX).  Every day people are creating thousands upcon thousands of web pages.  These pages confuse their visitors, give poor impressions, and generally pollute the web.

But it takes a lifetime to learn the proper UX skills, including graphic design, information architecture, interactive design, and user psychology.  This article won’t make you a UX PhD, but it will point out some of the most common UX mistakes.

Treat these as “low hanging fruit”.  With a little knowledge you can avoid the most common UX problems up front.

Cloud Notions has been #struckbylightning

Salesforce announced the new Lightning Experience today, and it did not disappoint.  The announcement came via a massive 100+ city, 20,000 viewer online launch party.  During the event, the Salesforce team presented demos of this next-generation CRM experience.  They also answered streaming questions about the release schedule, compatibility, and future innovations.  Read on for a summary of the festivities.

Open Source Project Management with Salesforce & Milestones PM is an extremely flexible development platform.  Any seasoned admin or developer could create a basic project management tool in short order.

But another benefit of the Salesforce platform is that you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.  Often, someone has already created such a tool.  That’s the case with Milestones PM, a free offering from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Welcome to the Cloud Notions blog!  We’ll use this space to post updates on topics such as:

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Of course, other topics may surface as well.  If you have questions or comments about a particular topic, please contact us.

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