Quick Response Lead Assignment

Our client was operating a large-scale residential real estate service along the East Coast.  They made referrals of hot leads to independent real estate agents.  Their performance data showed that if a real estate agent didn’t respond within 30 minutes, they would often lose the sale.

Custom Order Placement Screen

A recent client had partner community contractors who might not be able to learn the standard Salesforce Create Order > Add Products flow. They needed a screen that presented all the authorized products for a particular customer, as well as default order info.

Custom Appointment Management Screen

One client wanted to see Contacts, Opportunities, and upcoming Appointments, all on the same screen. They also wanted to be able to edit the records within the data grid, without changing screens.  To meet their needs, we used the Lightning Design System to create a custom Visualforce page with one-click action buttons.

Text Message Appointment Reminders

We recently worked with three different clients on Text Messaging (SMS) reminders for upcoming appointments.  One client was in Real Estate, and scheduled home showings with prospective buyers.  Another client was in the health and beauty industry, and sent appointment reminders for spa treatments.

User Experience: 5 Avoidable Mistakes

With the advent of easier web development methods, it’s become easier than ever to saddle your users with an awful user experience (UX).  Every day people are creating thousands upon thousands of web applications.  These pages confuse their visitors, give poor impressions, and generally pollute the web.  This article won’t make you a UX PhD,…

Maximize Your Salesforce.com ROI

Salesforce.com is the market leader among growing businesses.  Organizations adopt Salesforce to increase their leads, minimize lost opportunities, and automate business processes.  And Salesforce is the perfect tool for the job; it’s fast, flexible, and robust.  However, we are often contacted by customers who feel they haven’t yet maximized their ROI.