SQL Server Health Checking

Do you love SQL Server? We do too! SQL Server is robust and versatile, with several great products and features. The SQL server job agent, replication services, query store, linked servers, database triggers, system health checks, backups and managing indexing all come to mind as important tasks for a modern SQL Server deployments. Is your…

Retail Point-of-Sale for Salesforce

Our retail client operates brick-and-mortar pet stores in multiple states.  They use Salesforce as the CRM system of record, capturing everything from past orders to pet birthdays.  They needed a Salesforce-native point-of-sale system, with customized “bill to my account” functionality.

Delete Helper App Launched

Salesforce Admins: Ever have a rep accidentally import their Mom as a contact in Salesforce, and then ask you to delete the record?  Ever wish you could grant access allow the users to delete some records, but not others?  Now there’s an app for that!

Extend Salesforce with AWS Lambda

Salesforce developers can use Apex to develop many powerful solutions on-platform.  However, Apex does not have native tools to handle scenarios that involve large file conversion, FTP connections, and other non-native functionality.  Enter AWS Serverless Functions, aka AWS Lambda.